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Help your career planning.
You will find:
Logbook Online, including access to
great career planning sites
• Student Pathway Survey - have a go!
Careers Advisory Service, including
“Explore Your Options”.
Every teacher can support their students’ career development. Use this site to access the School to Work Program, career education, vocational teaching and learning across the curriculum, enterprise learning, Vocational Education and Training (VET) and more.
You will find:
• resources
• professional development
• policy and support documents
• reports
• Vocational Education in Schools (VEiS)

Intranet access.
Parents, carers, family and community
are central to young people’s career
decision making.
Here is a website to give you up-to-date
information on career planning, study
choices and jobs.
You can also access related Department
guides, documents, resources and links.